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Community Supported Agriculture


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What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is when you, the consumer, have a direct relationship with your food and local farmers.


CSA members purchase a “share” of our farm’s annual harvest upfront, helping us establish a solid financial foundation for the season.


As a member, you receive your weekly share of freshly harvested veggies throughout the season at a convenient pick-up location.

Why is it important?

CSA members commit to sharing the inherent risks and bounties of a farm from



By signing up early, in the fall and winter months, your membership allows us to plan properly, purchase new seed,  and invest in equipment at a time of year when resources & funds are low.


Being a part of Colfax Farm, and our CSA,

is a way to invest in the local food system

and strengthen your relationships

in our local community.

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